Delica 4WD

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Delica4WD 15.jpg
Delica4WD 14 edit.jpg

Apparently it speaks Japanese to you when it starts.

Delica4WD 13.jpg
Delica4WD Polaroid.jpg

'82 Volvo 245 Turbo

Volvo 1982 1.jpg
Volvo 1982 2.jpg
Volvo 1982 3.jpg
Volvo 1982 4.jpg
Volvo 1982 13.jpg
Volvo 1982 8.jpg
Volvo 1982 7.jpg
Volvo 1982 6.jpg
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Volvo 1982 10.jpg
Volvo 1982 11.jpg
Volvo 1982 12.jpg

Toyota Dolphin

Toyota Dolphin 1 edit.jpg
Toyota Dolphin 2.jpg
Toyota Dolphin 4.jpg
Toyota Dolphin 5.jpg
Toyota Dolphin 3.jpg

Bonus DIY camper just behind the Toyota:

Toyota Dolphin Other.jpg

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