Lotus Esprit (5th Gen)


Sadly the owner was not present when I briefly visited this slick ride. However, it appears to be a fifth generation Lotus Esprit. This generation is the most recent one, beginning in the early nineties. The fifth gen smoothed out some of the harsh 80s lines and rounded the boxy aesthetic in classic 90s design fashion, although more subtly than some other companies. Later in the 5th gen's life, Lotus committed some other aesthetic design updates to the model. The most notable way I found to identify these is the modern light/vent clusters, especially around the snout. 

Judgement of this poised beast should be tempered though, as it appears the owner has Done Things. The notable black hood and trypophobia triggering shift knob suggest further mysteries. I wish I could have known more. Interestingly, this car appears to be somewhat of a daily driver, as the windshield is marred with an ExpressToll unit.

Lotus Esprit Fifth Gen - Interior 2.jpg
Lotus Esprit Fifth Gen - Interior 1.jpg