Polaroid 125

Polaroid 125 Edit 2 (Small).jpg
Polaroid 125 Closed.jpg
Polaroid 125 Open.jpg
My bro Dave gave me some FP-3000B film. I bought and repaired a busted Polaroid 125 off craigslist to use it. 
Balloon Launch FP-3000B.jpg
Balloon Sky FP-3000B.jpg
The pack film these Polaroid cameras use is peel-apart. You take the shot and then pull the film strip through rollers on the edge of the camera. This pushes the chemicals together and starts development. After waiting for the marked amount of time (which depends on ambient temperature), you pull the film apart and grab your print.
Berthoud Pass FP-3000B Negative.jpg
You can also scan the negatives and invert them in Photoshop, like I did with the above strip. 
Balloon Fill FP-3000B.jpg
Berthoud Pass FP-3000B Doublwe.jpg
NASA T-38 FP-3000B.jpg