Shooting Bands

I've been shooting bands, mainly for a publication.

Music is an interesting way to challenge my photography skills. On one hand, I generally have good light and an interesting subject. On the other, it has really forced me to refine some aspects of my shooting. In broad strokes, it's similar to most paid shooting in that you are forced to consistently produce good work on a schedule. Anyone can make something great given enough tries and time, but I think the first thing that makes a pro is not how good their best is- it's their average. Everyone has bad days, but a pro makes it through.

Music has presented some specific challenges to me too. Despite the guaranteed interesting light, you really have to be aware of when that light is coming and what it's going to look like. You might not get a second chance and you certainly won't be able to create your own.

Three songs, no flash.

There are also the social aspects. You have to ask people to move. You have to push through. You have to fend off groupies looking to mysteriously get in with the band through your camera (seriously, every damn time...). It may not sound like much, but put that on top of the other tasks of you're juggling and you get a good challenge to stay focused, calm and friendly. Don't piss people off if you want to get more work.

Not that it pays particularly well. At least not at my level.

But work is work. 

And hope you like the music.

Chainsmokers Crowd 4.jpg