Cambodian River Travel + Villages


Our ride, a suitably scary pickup truck, arrived early in the morning. 

The ride was quite bumpy, but had some nice rural Cambodian scenery.

Behind me were another half dozen boats and several people selling mystery eats. Organization was typically minimal.


Soon enough we were on the Big Lake. There are whole villages out there.

But also a whole lot of nothing.

Our captain. The boat appeared to be constructed out of old car parts.


During a lunch stop I wandered around the floating village over rotting planks and ramshackle buoys, only to encounter these. without warning.

"My Country, My Beer" -Angkor Beer

It went away on its own.

The second half of the journey was slow due to mud.

A lot of slow going ensued.

Eventually we arrived, many hours later. I'm glad I did it once, not sure I'd want to do it again.