Studio Fun With Rob Timko

Spent the evening at the studio of my friend Rob Timko, talking photography and learning from his lighting and workflow. He does great stuff, check him out.

Canon 6D / 70-200 @ 85mm / F8 / ISO100 / 1/160

Interestingly, while he owns other light modifiers, he uses a beauty dish almost entirely for his studio work. The flexibility with even that one light is impressive. The above shot was using a beauty dish directly above his face and a gridded softbox to the back-right as a rimlight. He was also holding a reflector at navel height to give the beard some depth.

Canon 6D / 70-200 @ ??? / ISO100 / 1/160

After soaking up the salient details and saying goodbye, I headed home and put up a quick studio in my garage to test some things out.

Canon 6D / 70-200 @ 135mm? / F9 / ISO100 / 1/160

Canon 6D / 70-200 @ 80mm? / F9 / ISO100 / 1/160

Some might call it hipster crap, but I like it. Just because it's trendy doesn't mean it's bad. Of course, that doesn't mean it's good either. 

Oh well. We all look stupid going back in time. That's just life. Hopefully this holds up alright.

Anyway, The light wasn't perfect, but the above two shots used a single YN560II with a shoot through umbrella, on a white paper background 36" wide. There's a bit of photoshop trickery involved to fill in the background, but I'd say it worked just fine. 


Fuji X100 / Fixed 35mm Equiv. / F8 / ISO200 / 1/250


I wanted to try some more, so I got this local gal to model.

Canon 6D / 70-200 @ 155mm / F9 / ISO100 / 1/160

Canon 6D / 70-200 @ 115mm? / F9 / ISO100 / 1/160

Canon 6D / 70-200 @ 130mm? / F9 / ISO100 / 1/160

Even if you don't 'do' studio, learn to strobe. It really is a whole new world. If nothing else, it helps you really nail down your lighting skills.