It was time to move on from Hong Kong, so I hopped a plane to Singapore and prepared for heat. Cost less than a hundred bucks.


Despite being an island micronation, Singapore has an impressive GDP of nearly 400 billion USD, 


It was very, very hot.

I didn't even feel this hot when I worked in the American desert sampling plants in the summer. Humidity sucks in the heat.

But I survived. Singapore is rich, relative to the area, which means they can afford AC and big ass fans.

Picture: A large fan.

This is the country where chewing gum is illegal.

My hostel was...somewhere other than the airport, so I took the metro via instructions I had received. The ride was a sine wave of frigid AC goodness and satanic heat, regulated by the uncaring robotic train doors. I eventually arrived at my station and bought a drink to cash in some large bills. My bad beer was 5 bucks.

And so we meet again Mr. Sin Tax.

Beer isn't cheap there, but I was prepared after living in Denmark. 

After settling in, I retired to my air conditioned bunk with a beer and waited out the heat. After a period of research, rest and thermodynamic reset, I set out in search of street markets and food. While I reached my destination fairly quickly, I had worked up quite the appetite and moved on to try and find food. 

I was not disappointed.

Red bean ice cream. The vendor would cut slabs off the requisite block and sandwich them between sweet crisps. 

The best chicken rice I had anywhere in Asia. The national dish of Singapore, chicken rice is perfect comfort food- and they do it best in Singapore.

Known for its "hawker centers", although hawking is actually illegal, Singapore's food courts are some of the best in the world.

I also found an excellent selection of fruit juices.

The next couple days I didn't really know what to do. It was so hot that I hated going outdoors- and there isn't much to do either way without spending lots of money. I spent a lot of time in shopping malls, which are still alive and well in Singapore.

Flood control I think.


I'm not sure why they did this, but I suspect it's clever.


I could use some indulgences myself, but I'd have to consult my guru first.

Oh, I should mention the coolest thing in Singapore: The Marine Bay Sands

It's a Casino, of course.

You're suppose to pay 30 bucks to get to the top where they have a 'sky park'. I discovered there is a bar up there too, which is free if you look classy enough to get in. I bought Han Solo shirt to keep my cool in both ways and slipped up to the stop. It was a good view, and I ended up not evening buying a drink.

I'm a bad man.

Mysteriously, all the ships park right there. 

There's also an infinity pool up there, but I can't afford that 500/night that costs. 

But I sure can afford Goot!

I only ended up spending a few days in Singapore. It's an interesting place politically, but not such a good place for backpackers. Pricey and...boring, unless you're willing to shell out for the high priced fun.

But, as if to balance that out, the food is really, really great. 

You'll just have to decide for yourself. Given it's close proximity to so many cool things, you should at least pass through.