Singapore to Kuala Lampur By Train

As I've said before, I like trains. This time it was Singapore to Kuala Lampur.

First class ain't bad, but it's not regal. Critically, it had AC.

His phone would start playing The Monster every time he got a text. 

The conductors sat in the under-subscribed first class.

It's not quite as scary as it looks. 

Officer On Duty: ...?

mmmm fruitade

Not good for a man stressed out by hot foods in plastic...

First Class meal time!


I have yet to master the technique.

Good thing I'm straight outta Compton.

"#thirdworldanarchist" doesn't really have the same ring to it...

"Da huen-gle eez yur freeend."

Green flag means 'get the fuck on we're leaving'.

I see I picked the right train...


Back on the move.


It appears the door regulations were in fact rather loose.

Eventually we arrived, after the sun had set. Getting to my hostel was an adventure, but I slip in around 2200 and flopped down in my queen sized bed with AC. 

Only 20 bucks a night for such luxury.