Rooftopping Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of my favorite cities. There are many reasons, but the architecture is one of them.

The infamous Russians visited that tower in the distance.


Airin |


An office drone by day and a mildly famous explorer by night, Airin is typical of the modern Urban Explorer subculture.

What is unusual is her phobia: Heights. 


 Hong Kong's buildings are a bit craggy in unexpected ways. There are gleaming monuments side by side with ancient tenements. It's both metaphorical and directly analogous to the economic complexity of this unique city-state.


What's difficult to capture, even if one has a wider lens than mine, is the sheer, overwhelming verticality of Hong Kong. Walking down the street, you can easily slip into a horizontal world view- finding it not too much different than any other megacity. But should you look up- or go up and look down- you will often be hit by a sense of density and mystery that even Manhattan may have a hard time competing with. It's as if you scattered every type of zoning imaginable, grew them a thousand feet tall and mixed them up again.

Even sitting on a roof 200 meters up, I was surrounded by constructions impregnable to casual understanding.