Hong Kong (Part 1)

Upon checking into my hostel, I attempted to venture out to buy drinks. My sleepless delirium was coming to a head in the basement of the nearby SOGO, where I was starting to get rather dizzy and developed a nose bleed. I managed to straighten myself out and buy some drinks before fleeing- although I opted to skip the Suntory GingerAle. 

My brain couldn't even begin to understand this at the time. It still mystifies me in some ways.

Pocari Sweat! This is how sports drinks should be done (unless you opt for high-end stuff like Skratch). It's like Gatorade that's been watered down- which is good, because it doesn't dehydrate you with too much sugar.

Engrish, subtle joke or just incompetent marketing?

Hong Kong has great alley vendors. 

Waterfront Kowloon is a wall of glass and gloss.

A nice remnant of British rule, the egg tart. 

At first I thought this was Engrish, but it is just a continental term for 'getting off'.

I didn't touch it.

The International Commerce Center. The tower on the left is the tallest building in Hong Kong, but sadly its rooftop is private.

I found some mirrors on a pier.

So I took some selfies.