Asia Film Results

Got my film developed today at the wonderful Dot Well Photo in Hong Kong!

Sadly, my slide film was fucked, as was my Centuria 800. It seems my AV-1 is underexposing a stop, I'll have to diagnose it when I get home. Easy enough to adjust for now that I know, but not helpful for what I already shot. This, combined with the expired nature of the Centuria 800, made those rolls unusable. Dammit.

The Polish VX200 rolls turned out OK though, if rather lo-fi. Since I had to push them they are all grainy with funky colors. I managed to get back a good amount of that with Photoshop though.

Here's what turned out, in chronological order.

Train driver from Johor Bahru to Kuala Lampur.


Now hiring: Everyone?


Canopy trail in a national park on Penang.


Thai countryside, on a train from Georgetown to Chumphon.

Curt the Happy German.

Immigration stop at the Malaysia/Thailand border.


Conductor fixing the train on the Georgetown to Chumphon route.


Patrick, a PADI Course Director and friend of mine.

Donny, my SCUBA instructor at Master Divers.

Swiss diver friends, on Ko Tao for a month. Nurses in real life. 

Flag on the dive boat stern.

The dive boat captain.

Franziska in our room at Chiang Mai.

Franziska on the streets of Chiang Mai.